Current Activities

Sustainability Research and Innovation (SRI) conference: Session on “Trade-offs and Synergies in Ocean Conflict Transformation

June 13 2021, Brisbane

Convenors: Marion Glaser, Leandra R. Gonçalves, Ronaldo Adriano Christofoletti, Samiya Selim, Luciana D. Xavier

The session was co-convened by members of the NoCRISES and Oceans Pact projects. Both projects are focused on marine conflicts and aim for inclusive transdisciplinarity. Four practitioners from two case study countries (Brazil and Bangladesh) were invited into a panel to relate their experiences in relation to working with ocean conflicts and give their opinions on how the questions projects have posed themselves will help to identify, prevent, reduce and/or manage ocean, and to indicate their (additional) knowledge needs in relation ocean conflicts.

Systematic Literature Review on Ocean Conflicts

may 18-20 2021

We presented our preliminary results from conducting a systematic literature review of social science methods used to study ocean conflicts. This was presented as a e-poster at the OCEANVISIONS2021 SUMMIT May 18-20 2021

Trade-offs and Synergies in Ocean Conflict Transformation

June 13 2021

We will be hosting a session at the SRI Conference 2021 on Trade-offs and Synergies in Ocean Conflict Transformation .This session, initiated by researchers from two projects (Ocean Sustainability Pathways for Achieving Conflict Transformation – OCEANS PACT and Negotiating Ocean Conflicts among Rivals for Sustainable and Equitable solutions – NO CRISES) invites ocean conflict stakeholders from outside academia into a discussion panel. The event’s main theme is titled Root causes of global socio-environmental crises.

MARE People and the Sea XI

June 28-July 2 2021

We presented a number of papers from our ongoing work on marine conflicts at the Mare Conference June 28-July 2nd 2021.

The following material was presented:

1) Process tracing for marine (natural) resource conflicts: A protocol

2) Mapping of natural resource use and governance can inform ocean related conflict and management – Empirical Evidence from coastal islands in Bangladesh

3) A state-of-the-art of the research on coastal and marine conflicts: results from a systematic literature review

4) Approach to cross-case analysis of ocean conflicts across the globe: Theory and Practice

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